Prof. Kajikawa and his “Sustainable Food Systems” research team have published a paper on the role of traders in transforming foods supply chains

Commodity crops like coffee, tea, cocoa, soy, and palm oil are frequently linked to significant sustainability concerns and hence calls for a sustainable transformation in their global supply chains. But conducting such transformations in a pervasive manner requires leading it for specific contexts. This study investigates the pivotal role that traders —key intermediaries between producers and consumers— can play in driving this transformation. Leveraging their deep understanding of market demands and local business nuances, traders are positioned as potential “Ecosystem Orchestrators” capable of spearheading sustainable change.
Through citation network analysis, this research uncovers the specific capabilities required for effective “Ecosystem Orchestration” and provides actionable guidance.

Paper Title
Traders as ecosystem orchestrators for sustainable foods supply chain transformation

Ranjit Gupta, Cristian Mejia, Shuan Sadreghazi, Yuki Sano, Leticia Sarmento Dos Muchangos, Tomonori Sekiguchi, Hiromi Nakamura and Yuya Kajikawa

Business Strategy and the Environment

Yuya Kajikawa
Professor, Institute for Future Initiatives, Center for Global Commons

Apr 3rd, 2024
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